Bergamot Essential Oil for Aromatherapy: History, Benefits and Use

Bergamot Essential Oil for Aromatherapy: History, Benefits and Use

Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit that carries an aura which stands it different from any other citrus fruits or essential oils. 

Bergamot is termed an “Oil of Self-Acceptance”. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peel of fruit as peel holds more nutrients and is probably most famous these days for its ability to refresh your mood and get you away from stress. 

Ways to extract Bergamot Essential Oil   

Bergamot essential oil can be extracted in two main ways:

  • Cold Pressing 
    • Steam Distilling  

    Be it any method it is the peel that is more nutrient so the peel is used to extract oil rather than the flesh of the fruit. 

    • Cold Pressing: For the cold pressing method, a spiked drum is used to get oil extracted out of the peel. Oil gets collected in the base of the drum after passing through small holes. Usually, this method is preferred to maintain the full benefits of oil and keep the scent strong. 
    • Steam Distilling: In the steam distilling method, steam is passed through a closed chamber which contains the peel that lets the oil condense on top of the water. This method is preferred when you want to apply the oil directly to the skin. 


    Bergamot's name comes from its botanical name ‘Citrus Bergamia’. Bergamot is a special citrus hybrid made of lemon or citron or pomelo and sour orange. Bergamot was initially found in Calabria, Italy. It grows where it wants to grow. 

    Bergamot fruits started to be used as ornamental plants in the homes of the Italian aristocracy. Then it began to be used in traditional Italian medicine to treat fever, sore throat and other health conditions. 

    With time bergamot fruits became an essential part of the perfume industry and tea industry of Europe. Now, it is known as the ‘Prince of Citrus’. Bergamot fruits are used as a nutritious element and oil is used in aromatherapy.  


    Famously, bergamot essential oil is used to reduce anxiety. It acts as a friend to people who are suffering from stress and throws away the pain and worry. Bergamot Essential Oil reduces bacteria and fungi that clear one's skin and mouth. 

    Bergamot has become a defining ingredient for the perfume and tea industry. Further, it is applied in herbal medicine, cosmetology, confectionaries, cuisines, cleaning products and a lot more.  


    • Effective Facial Cleanser

    Bergamot essential oil involves the quality to fight bacteria present in the pores of the skin. This reduces bacteria in the skin and soothes irritation prevailing in the skin.  

    • Improves Oral Health

    Bergamot essential oil along with vegetable carrier oil is an effective remedy to improve oral health. This eliminates bad bacteria on teeth and gums which makes breathing smell fresher.

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    • Improve Mental Health 

    Bergamot essential oil when blended with lavender oil puts a positive effect on blood pressure, pulse rates, breathing rate, skin temperature and other emotional responses of patients suffering from depression. 

    • Helps to Relieve Pain 

    Bergamot essential oil accounts for its pain-relieving qualities. Some of the properties like anti-inflammatory, and analgesic give effective pain-relieving qualities. 

    • Improve Sleep

    As already discussed bergamot Essential Oil has a positive effect on a person’s mental health, this ultimately helps a person in their sleep routine. 


    Bergamot has emerged as an essential element that has proved its worth in many fields. It is a safe home remedy for low mood, stress and pain that can help skin and teeth grow healthy and glowing. 

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