Essential Oil Blends for New Year’s Eve Party

Essential Oil Blends for New Year’s Eve Party

Get ready guys – New Year is coming. Are you planning to host a party this New Year and wish to have an impressive aura? Bump into essential oils without any second thought. 

Reasons to Choose Essential Oils

Innumerous welfare benefits can be gained by the use of essential oils especially when they are blended together. Essential oil blends are the best combination that you will encounter for multiple satisfactions. 

Here’s very few reasons you must choose essential oils or their blends:

  • Inhaling the aroma of essential oils would stimulate your brain’s primitive part. 
  • It has a very positive effect on one’s mental health.
  • Essential oils carry the vibes to activate positive energy.
  • They are the center stop for hope, healing and happiness. 
  • Each one of them individually and jointly will provide you with different health benefits. 

New Year’s Essential Oil Blends

  • Enjoy the Celebration

Lavender has a beneficial influence on the quality of life. It can help you bring back some of the much-needed happiness and joy into your life and completely lift your mood. 

The most fragrant essential oil frankincense is a great mood enhancer that can promote calmness and ease your congestion. Scent of holiday pine essential oil will make you feel fresher, healthier and more energetic. 

Inhale this Essential Oil Blends and enjoy this New Year celebration enchantingly. 

4 drops of Lavender 

3 drops of Frankincense 

3 drops of Holiday Pine 

  • Chill Down 

Warm up yourself in winter with the comforting aroma of ginger essential oil. It improves your blood circulation and makes you feel warmth on chilly winter days. Wintergreen is termed a hot oil comforting your swollen skin. This essential oil has been used as a traditional medicine to cure more of the health issues caused during winter. 

Chamomile is one of the preferred essential oils during cold months. It helps you battle the seasonal depression associated with winters. 

This essential oil blend will definitely give you warmth on cold winter days. 

4 drops of Ginger

3 drops of Wintergreen

3 drops of Chamomile 

  • New Year New Start

Clary Sage's wondrous effect will calm your body and mind, helping lower your anxiety. Santal’s spicy and musky notes will help you relax and increase the sense of fullness. 

Bergamot’s cheerful aroma is a must to keep close when winter chills your heart. Its inhalation will infuse your heart with hopefulness and joy.

This essential oil blend will fade your stress away and help you start your new year with hope and joy.  

3 drops of Santal

3 drops of Clary Sage

2 drops of Bergamot

  • Cure Hangover

Lemon Essential Oil neutralizes the pH level and helps your body digest alcohol and produces instant refreshing relief. Research proves that the soothing, cool aroma of peppermint essential oil can effectively heal headaches. 

Rose aroma oil's progressive effect will help you boost your focus and revert back your brain skills. 

After a whole night of fun drinking, this essential oil blend will surely help you to ease your hangover the next day.

4 drops of Peppermint

4 drops of Lemon

3 drops of Rose Aroma Oil

  • Alleviate Mood

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a potent mood enhancer that promotes a feeling of wellness and serenity. Fragrance of patchouli essential oil allows the brain to ground emotional balance. 

Grapefruit essential oil will balance your mood evoking a sense of clarity to relieve stress. Fennel essential oil is great for easing worries and would balance mood swings promoting positive thinking. 

This essential oil blend will alleviate your mood and bring out positive vibes.    

3 drops of Ylang Ylang 

3 drops of Patchouli

2 drops of Grapefruit 

2 drops of Fennel 

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  • Warm Gathering 

Feel ultimate warmth with the warming sensation of clove essential oil & black pepper essential oil. These essential oils are just perfect for winter months.

Jasmine essential oil can help put people in the mood for love and bring out positive emotions which helps with anxiety and depression.  

Geranium essential oil is well known to reduce feelings of sadness and tension enhancing a general sense of well being and relaxation. 

This essential oil blend will bring warmth to the atmosphere and fill the gathering with positive vibes. 

3 drops of Clove

3 drops of Black Pepper

2 drops of Jasmine

2 drops of Geranium


Cheers to the new opportunity, new phase and new fortunes of life. Make this New Year your best year with a beautiful start and a happy phase of life. Here’s to an awesome new year with the sense of awesome essential oil blends. 

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