Essential Oil Guidelines to the Initiator for Home

Essential Oil Guidelines to the Initiator for Home

If you are new to the essential oil world and don’t have any knowledge about what to choose and how to use it then read it completely. We are here to guide you and walk you through a brief intro to the essential oil world. 

Essential oils are the natural substitute for any artificial products. They provide you with immense benefits in every field like health, beauty, mental peace, nature’s atmospheric feel and others. Essential oils are the perfect answer to any requirement. You can have them easily in India.   


  • Essential Oil for Drawing Room

The drawing room is the area of family and friends' place in the house. The area of happy togetherness where creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make your guests love it. Essential oils like sweet orange, holiday pine, vanilla, cinnamon, bergamot, and ylang ylang bring warmth and uplift everyone’s mood. You can use any of them individually or in the blend as per your mood, choice and weather preferences.     

  • Aroma of Master Bed

The bedroom is the area where a lovable relaxing atmosphere is required to have peaceful sleep. A restful atmosphere keeps us stress-free and enjoys the days of life. Essential Oils like rose, lavender, santal, jasmine, neroli, frankincense, and ylang ylang make the atmosphere calm, soothing and make the atmosphere livable. This relaxes your mind to have peaceful dreamy sleep and lovely memorable moments.   

  • Fragrance for Cookhouse

The cookhouse is the place where the lady of the house spends most of her time making delicious items for the family. The cookhouse space needs to be kept disinfected and odor cleaned. Essential oils like sweet orange, white & thyme, lemon, cardamom, flannel, citrus, and ginger keep the air clean-free of odors and disinfected. These essential oils can also be used to add flavor and health benefits to your food. 

  • Odor of Shower Room

Essential oils used in shower rooms are very beneficial. They are great for instant air freshener, clearing harmful viruses in the body and soothing your skin to brighten up. Essential oils like lemon, white poinsettia, white tea & thyme, bergamot, lavender, holiday pine, eucalyptus, and grapefruit are natural alternatives to chemical products. These essential oils can be used individually or you can also have your own blend as per your taste and liking.  

  • Scent for Gallery Area

The Gallery area is the area in the house that connects you with nature. The sky view at different times and the small gardening part in the gallery freshen ups your mood instantly. A touch of essential oils in this area of the house will help you heal your mind and relax your body. They can also be used for gardening purposes. Essential oils like rose, peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, basil, oregano, cashmere & fig, and melaleuca are helpful for gardening purposes as well as to get refreshed air. Essential oil when sprayed in the gallery area instantly refreshes your mood and calms your mind and body.

Few of the Methods to Use Essential Oils Fragrance for Home

We just discussed a few of the essential oils used around the home. Now we shall discuss a few of the methods of using Essential Oils Fragrances for Home

  • Room Spray

Room spray acts as an air freshener that can be used to spray in any room to freshen the atmosphere. Fill a spray bottle full of water then add a few drops of essential oils to it. The ratio of essential oil in a spray bottle depends on the level of texture you want to add to the atmosphere. Store this mixture in a glass spray bottle for everyday use. Spray the fragrance wherever you want it to freshen up the atmosphere. 

  • Cotton Ball Diffuser Bowl

The cotton ball diffuser bowl method is an easy-to-go method which doesn’t require any item to be purchased from outside. This easiest diffuser requires only a bowl of water, a few cotton balls and your preferred essential oil that’s it. Place the scented cotton balls into a bowl of water and keep it on the table to enjoy the fragrance. 

  • Scented Candles

Scented candles are the most effective and special sort of diffusing method. This diffusing method not only spreads the fragrance into the air but also spreads light in the area where it is placed. You can either buy scented candles available from the market or can make them at home on your own as well.  

  • Clay Pot Diffuser

A clay pot diffuser is an ancient diffusing method used to diffuse essential oil in a natural way. Buy a clay pot and place a small candle inside the pot. Dilute a few drops of your favorite essential oil in water and place on top of a clay pot. The candle placed below heats the top of the clay pot and the diluted water starts to evaporate spreading the fragrance. Place the clay pot diffuser in a spot from where the fragrance can be spread throughout the entire space.   

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  • Nebulising Diffuser

Nebulizing diffuser is a modern diffusing method that spreads fragrance into the whole room. It is an electric diffusing device that pumps a highly pressurized air stream through a glass vial filled with essential oil and spreads it throughout the whole room. In this method, the oils are not heated so it is widely used in the therapeutic application of essential oils. 


  • Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser is a non-electronic method used to diffuse essential oils. It is a very easy-going method to use that even acts as a lovely home décor addition which keeps the room smelling great. Take a glass bottle or glass jar, fill it with your preferred essential oil then insert reeds into it. Your reed diffuser is ready to use. The reeds in the bottle soak up the scent and spread a pleasant aroma around the space where it is placed.


These were very few essential oils and essential oil diffusing methods that you can use at home to feel the aroma of essential oils and spread the freshness in your home. You can use them as per your taste and preference and make your home smell like your favorite aroma. Use it individually or can also make a blend of your own. 

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