Essential Oils For The Wintry Season

Essential Oils For The Wintry Season

The coldest season of the year ‘Winter’ is on the deck. The wintry season introduces freezing vibes. To fight against freezing vibes and other health issues during these summer times I have brought you the aromatic solution. Chant these lines and start diffusing away freezing vibes.      

“Winter blows the freeze, we have got warmth with us.”

  • White Tea & Thyme 

Crisp aromatic scent of White Tea & Thyme appears with notes of fresh ginger, rose and cardamom accompanying the green tea note. Infuse your world with a sense of calmness in these winter days. 

This woody scent white tea & thyme essential oil has the ability to promote a general sense of well being and to soothe asthma and cold. This certifies benefits that people can gain if they diffuse white tea & thyme essential oil during winters. 

  • Santal Aroma Oil

Rich woody fragrance Santal Aroma Oil benefits the soul as much as the skin and hair. Stimulate your senses in this freezing cold with a diffusion of Santal essential oil. 

Spicy dimensions of Santal comfort in relieving cold and assigns distinct warmth. An ideal Santal Aroma Oil for an insomniac that makes you feel relaxed and reduces anxiety.


  • Holiday Pine 

Do you like the fresh, crisp scent of a pine tree forest? If yes, then holiday pine essential oil drives the scent of a live pine Christmas tree whenever and wherever you want! Enjoy this winter and celebrate this Christmas with a diffusion of holiday pine essential oil. 

Holiday Pine Essential Oil is reputed for addressing symptoms of colds, coughs, asthma and flu and healing infections. Holiday pine’s calming aspect of the aroma helps unwind tension physically and emotionally. 

  • Wintergreen

Mold this winter with the warming effect of wintergreen essential oil. Sweet, minty and refreshing aroma uplifts and stimulates your senses in these cold winter times. 

Inspire emotional balance and promote the body’s rejuvenation with a diffusion of wintergreen essential oil. Inhalation of wintergreen essential oil helps to promote healthy respiratory function. 

  • Ginger 

Strong, warm and spicy aroma with floral notes is the best essential oil for the winter season. ‘The Oil of Empowerment’ is well known for its inspiring effect. Feeling cold in winter? Gain faster relief by rubbing a dilution of ginger essential oil over cold feet and pulse points.  

Energize your body and mind with the effect of warmth that ginger essential oil brings to you. Apply a few drops of ginger essential oil on the outer space of the throat and get relief from the cold instantly.

  • Clove

Spicy and sweet with a bit of warm and woodsy foundation aroma keeps cold and cough away reducing heavy headaches caused in winter times. Diffuse this natural powerhouse to relieve pain and cure your respiratory conditions this winter times.   

Toothache and earache is the major issue that people faces during this wintertime. Clove essential oil proves to be an instant aid to kick out toothaches as well as earaches. 

  • Black Pepper

Cure your sore muscles and joints in this winter time with the application of black pepper essential oil. The sweet and piquant smell of black pepper essential oil conducts warmth for you in cold winter times. 

The multifaceted aroma of black pepper essential oil boosts up your mood and calms your senses. Ayurveda prescribes that black pepper essential oil treats asthma, colds, respiratory infection, fever and headaches. 

  • Cinnamon 

Lush fragrance of cinnamon essential oil builds its worthiness. Relax on these freezing winter days with a diffusion of cinnamon essential oil even while remaining awake. 

This essential oil has the quality to purify the blood as well as help to stop excessive bleeding. Cinnamon essential oil has the ability to cure a number of health issues faced by peeps in their day-to-day life. 

  • Cedarwood 

Luxuriously warm and inviting aroma of cedarwood essential oil generates a pleasant aura in this chill winter season. Diffuse this woodsy scent cedarwood essential oil to ease tension, reduce harmful stress and clear your mind.

Cedarwood is certified as a divine cure for ailments like fever, and cancerous tumors, prevents wounds from becoming septic, eliminates cough and removes phlegm, and even cures toothache and strengthens gums. 

  • Peppermint 

Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale peppermint vapors for 5-10 mins to effectively cure a cold & cough in this winter time.  

Intensely minty smell peppermint essential oil has a sharp odor that’s cool and refreshing. Fresh and sharp scents of peppermint instigate greater alertness, and motivation, relief from shock, asthma, fever, cold, headache, nausea and whatnot. 


These are the best essential oils to be used to feel the warmth in winter times and gain many such health benefits are prescribed and even more. You can also try up these essential oils forming different blends for which a blog has already been posted by me. You can access the link attached to that blog here. 

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