Finest Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Peaceful Sleep

Finest Aromatherapy Essential Oils For Peaceful Sleep

Stress is something which every individual faces now and then in this fast modern era. It affects mental and physical health badly which leads to insomnia. Insomnia harms our work, our health and our mental peace. Struggling to relax is very hard when you indulge in stress and sleeplessness. 

Many ways are being adopted that lead to mental peace. Some opt for medicines, some opt for listening to music, some opt for exercise, some opt for bathing, and some opt for pleasant fragrances or other things. Adopting a natural method is the best option. Aromatherapy using essential oil is a proven technique that naturally helps you to relieve stress and relax. It helps you to have a beautiful sleep keeping aside all the worry. 

Few of the Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil for Stress Relief and Beautiful Sleep

Essential oils are available in a large variety for each different need and mood. The ultimate aim of any essential oil is to provide better health and boost self-care routine. The ones which are helpful to relieve stress and have a beautiful sleep are as below:


Different from floral aromas, bergamot has a sweet, citrusy and punchy aroma. Bergamot essential oil is best for reducing stressful thoughts. The release of stress leads you to good sleep. It prepares your body for sleep just like lavender and ylang ylang essential oil does. Bergamot Essential Oil comes with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.   

Bergamot Aroma Oil



One of my favourite floral scents ylang ylang essential oil is an extract from tropical trees in Asia. Decreasing the heart rate and blood pressure, ylang ylang essential oil naturally sets the body up for sleep. It spreads a pleasing scent that calms your mind and body. Ylang Ylang also provides beauty benefits like nourishing dry skin and repairing irritated hair and scalp.    


Providing a large number of benefits, the lavender essential oil is the best when it comes to curing insomnia. Lavender also provides relaxation by reducing anxiety. Inhaling lavender essential oil leads to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature that eases the body to fall asleep. It’s a natural disinfectant. 


Jasmine essential oil is an essential oil with a floral scent. Alike Jasmine tea jasmine essential oil has the same calming effect. Jasmine essential oil nourishes your skin. Be it a breathing problem, jasmine oil helps you to breathe easier. Also with the muscles problem, jasmine essential oil soothes muscle soreness.   


Rose is the most magical and fabulous fragrance. The most lovable floral scent, rose otto essential oil relaxes your body by soothing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps in relieving physical disorders such as headaches. A skin-safe affordable blend that helps to relieve stress and has beautiful sleep.  


The best ever in all, sandalwood essential oil carries mood-balancing properties. Lowering blood pressure, stress, relaxing muscles and nerves; sandalwood Essential Oil works as a natural relaxant.  Sandalwood essential oil promotes calmness instantly and stables you emotionally. Always keep it rubbed on your wrist or ankle and inhale it to get stress relief and also while having a good night's sleep.     


Being different from regular floral scents, a sweet orange essential oil is a citrusy scent. Its sweet aroma is best known to alleviate anxiety which leads to having good rest. Inhaling of sweet orange essential oil restricts the feeling of anxiety or tension during an anxiety-inducing situation. It also helps in pain relief, digestion, and common cold symptoms.  


Another essential oil is extracted from the leaves and buds of plants. Clary Sage essential oil has a clean, refreshing scent that puts best as a skin balm and treatment of the eye. It is a must-use inhaler for depression sufferers. Clary Sage essential oil soothes your troubled mind from dark thoughts towards deep and restful slumber. 

Few of the Best Ways to Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Stress Relief and Sleep

Knowing the best essential oil is not enough how to use them must also be known. Just like essential oils are available in a large variety, there are also many ways to use them. Here are some of the ways through which you can use Aromatherapy Essential Oil to get stress relief and better sleep in your daily life:

Diffuser: The famous and favourite way to use aromatherapy essential oil for stress relief and sleep is by using an oil diffuser. The diffuser fills the entire space with the aroma of chosen essential oil. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the device and turn it on. 

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Apply on Skin: Another popular way to use aromatherapy essential oil for stress relief and sleep is diluting the pure essential oil with a skincare product. Apply the lotion, cream or massage oil diluted with essential oil directly onto your skin just like our skincare routine products.   

Calming Bath: Nothing is more calming and relaxing than having a nice warm bath. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into your bathwater, enjoy it and relax. Having a tub diluting essential oil before sleep is the best remedy to relieve stress. 


The research would let you know there are many essential oils that help to relieve stress and sleep. Inhaling essential oil in any way after all day stress leads to a nice good night's sleep. All you need to do is choose your favourite calming scent, add a few drops of it in whichever way you prefer and have a beautiful sleep.   

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