Fragrance Oil Utilization at Home

Fragrance Oil Utilization at Home

Many times essential oils and fragrance oils are mistaken as synonyms for each other but it’s actually not the case. Fragrance oil and Aromatherapy Essential Oil are two different individual things. Fragrance oil is a blend of synthetic aroma compounds or natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil diluted with vegetable oil or mineral oil. Fragrance oil is also referred to as perfume oil or aroma oil. Fragrance oil can be used in many forms to make your atmosphere smell pleasant.     

Usages of Fragrance Oil at Home 

  • Have your own Air Freshener

Air freshener is super worthy of changing your mood. Fragrance oil plays a key ingredient in developing air fresheners. Add a few drops of your preferred fragrance oil to a quantum amount of water then get it to stir. Fill the water into a plastic spray bottle and shake it well. Your air freshener is ready to use. Use it to boost your mood, make a pleasant atmosphere and have a refreshing feel. 

  • Personalize the Perfume

The main feature of fragrance oil is to be used in a perfume. Fragrance oil is termed to be perfume oil. Perfume is a product which is ultimately used for the feel of the fragrance. Instead of buying a non-favourite perfume from the market, you can have your own personalized perfume. Fragrance oil plays a vital role in perfume. The feel of perfume solely depends upon the fragrance oil that you add. Choose the one which you love the most. 

  • Perceive Scented Calmness

The surprising benefit that fragrance oil provides is to perceive calmness through its senses. Many people tend to use diffusers with fragrance oil to feel calm and get rid of stress and anxiety. It can be seen as the modern method to feel the freshness of fragrance oil. This serves as fragrance oil being used in the form of Aromatherapy Essential Oil.  

  • Get the Candles Scented

Scented candles give the most mesmerizing fragrance feel. You can have your own scented candle instead of buying those from the market. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil inside the candle before it is lit. Now light the candle and let the light and delightful fragrance make your atmosphere most mesmerizing.  

  • Customize your Shampoo or Lotion 

Fragrance oil is used to add scent to unscented shampoo or lotion or body care cream. Customize your shampoo or lotion by adding 7-10 drops of your favorite fragrance oil to your unscented body care product. For strong scent products add more drops of fragrance oil and for mild scent products add fewer drops of fragrance oil. Be careful in choosing fragrance oil that doesn’t cause any harm to your skin or hair.      

  • Compile Child Play Fragranceful

Along with many usages, fragrance oil can also be a wonderful element to be used in children’s play activities. Fragrance oil is used to develop homemade play dough for kids. Fragrance playdough grabs kids to have a lot of fun while playing with it. Apart from playing with dough, there are many other activities which you can make interesting for your kids by adding fragrance oil to it. 

  • A Memorable Scented Gift

Receiving a special gift with a touch of scent makes the moment more memorable. Especially a love note with a special scent gives a romantic gesture. Just sprinkle a few drops of fragrance oil into the love note and the envelope to give the feel of scent when opened. A gesture performed once gives a lifetime of memories.    

  • Scented Sachet for Smell-Free Clothes

Place a scented sachet between the clothes and have a fresh-fresh feel whenever you pick them up. Take a pinch of baking soda then add a few drops of any mild fragrance oil, place it onto a piece of fabric and tie the fabric with a ribbon – your scented sachet is ready. You can also put it between the woolen clothes to avoid the musty smell coming from it. This gives you freshly felt clothes even if you use them after a long time.     

  • Bye-Bye Dusty Smell of Drawers

Just like the case of clothes you also get to sense an unpleasant smell when opening a drawer. Place a cotton ball moisten with mild fragrance oil or a piece of fabric having a light scent of fragrance oil into the corner of your drawer and get a dusty free drawer. Make it interesting by putting different fragrance oil cotton balls in each corner of the drawer. Make sure that you use very few drops of the Fragrance Oil as it is going to be kept in a close space so things in the drawer don’t get scented.    

  • Overcome Foot Odor

The yuckiest smell that irritates us is the smell that comes from shoes. Foot odor contains a very bad strong smell that can even get into our nerves. The best ever home remedy to overcome that smell is by using fragrance oil in it. Shoe material may get damaged due to excessive use of fragrance oil. So, to protect shoes from getting damaged and even make them free from bad smells, use a piece of paper and add just 2-3 drops of fragrance oil to wipe the interior of the shoe. 

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  • Use it with an Oil Burner

The ancient method of scenting a room. Take an oil burner, a small candle and fragrance oil of your choice. Dilute 3-5 drops of fragrance oil into a little portion of water and place it over the oil burner. Now light the candle and place it on the oil burner. As the top gets heated, the water starts to evaporate and fragrance starts spreading all over the room. Make sure that the oil mixture is poured in appropriate proportion over the burner. 

  • Carpet Cleaning Ingredient
  • Home remedy for carpet cleaning proves economical carpet cleaning method. Dilute a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil in baking soda and allow soaking in it for 24 hours. Apply this mixture onto your carpet to get it cleaned. Let the mixture remain on the carpet for 30-60 minutes and then rinse it to get a clean fragrance full carpet.   


    There are several benefits that fragrance oil offers when using it at home. There are very few of them. Be it needed for any purpose like refreshing mood or making body care products soothing or getting rid of bad smells, having fragrance oil at home proves to be a worthy investment. 

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