How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser for Home

How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser for Home

Essential oil is oil made from natural extracts like leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, bark, stems and other such natural elements. Essential oil is a very useful element that people use for medicinal purposes. Essential oils can be used directly by inhaling them or applying them to the skin or they can also be used by putting them into diffusers and humidifiers. 

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser is a device that is used to diffuse essential oil into the air. Diffusers have become an essential part of any place be it a hotel lobby or spa or at home and most importantly in Aromatherapy. The diffuser fills the air of the room with particles of essential oil giving it a fresh, calmful and pleasant feeling. 

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

There are many different types of essential oil diffusers. Each Essential Oil Diffuser is different from the other one. Each one has its own different style of diffusing the aroma of essential oil into the air. Here are the different essential oil diffusers as follows:

  1. Reed Diffuser 
  2. Ultrasonic Diffuser 
  3. Nebulizing Diffuser 
  4. Electric or Heat Diffuser 
  5. Evaporative Diffuser

  • Reed Diffuser 

Reed Diffuser is a cost-effective diffuser as it doesn’t require any water, heat or electricity. It only requires a wooden stick or reeds which are placed into a bottle of essential oil. As soon as the reed is placed into the bottle of essential oil, the oil travels up in the reed from bottom to top and is released into the air. 

This diffuser works as long as there is oil present in the bottle. You just need to change the reeds while changing the scent or bottle. If you are using the same bottle every time, then you need to clean the bottle with mild dish soap and warm water. 

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser

The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a diffuser built with modern technology. In this type of diffuser, water is used to diffuse the essential oil and put it in the diffuser. This diffuser uses electricity to send ultrasonic vibrations for making a fine mist of essential oil and water which is then dispersed into the air. 

An ultrasonic diffuser acts like a humidifier, which makes itself a lovely choice when you want to add moisture to the air. It is very useful during the cold season. The diffuser needs to be maintained by cleaning it frequently to avoid oil deposition into surfaces. This diffuser provides additional features like amazing physical shapes, timers or automatic shut-down, pleasant music and lighting. 

  • Nebulizing Diffuser

Nebulizing diffuser makes itself unique as it is a plastic-free eco-friendly diffuser which causes no harm to the environment. This diffuser requires low maintenance. 

This type of diffuser doesn’t require any water or heat. It works by using pressurized air. The vacuum in the diffuser pulls oil to the surface of the distribution tube to diffuse the aroma of essential oil into the air.

  • Evaporative Diffuser 

Evaporative Diffuser is an easy-to-go diffuser as it doesn’t really require any power. To disperse the oil naturally into the air requires an evaporative surface. Just put a few drops of essential oil on the surface, smell it and breathe in the scent as many times as you like. 

Here you can also use a handkerchief, tissue or cotton balls as an evaporative surface whichever you feel convenient. This seems to be giving pocket-friendly perfume vibes. It is not as effective a diffuser as other diffusers. As the oil starts to evaporate, it starts to lose its efficacy. 

  • Electric or Heat Diffuser

An Electric or Heat Diffuser is a kind of diffuser which emerged from the traditional techniques. This diffuser has a hollow opening in the top middle where the essential oil is to be placed. This diffuser is heated through electricity or a candle or another way to warm up the essential oil and spread the fragrance of the scent. 

These kinds of diffusers are candle diffusers, electric heat diffusers and lamp ring diffusers. It is a very easy-to-clean diffuser as it requires only a few things like a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap to wipe off. This should be done every time when you change the oil you are using. 

How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser?

As you are aware that there are many types of Essential Oil diffusers available on the market. You can choose any essential oil diffuser as per your convenience after considering various factors: 

  • Timer function 
  • Auto Switch-off
  • Portability
  • Maintenance requirement
  • Functionality and Form
  • Size of room 
  • Run time 
  • Type of power source 
  • Type of material 

Choose an essential oil diffuser considering the above-mentioned factors which shall help you select the right diffuser for your needs.

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Where Can I Get Essential Oil Diffuser? 

Essential Oil Diffusers are available in a variety of ranges online. Some trusted online sellers like Amazon or Flipkart provide a range of options of essential oil diffusers to choose from as per your need. 


An essential oil diffuser is a very useful device that spreads the fragrance and makes the atmosphere mesmerizing. It is available in different forms. You can select any of them as per your choice and requirement. 

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