How To Make Your Home Smell Like Santal 33

How To Make Your Home Smell Like Santal 33

Aroma Oil & Aromatherapy are considered to be natural cures for many illnesses. For years, it has been often seen that Aromatherapy is used along with standard hospital treatment to strengthen recovery. 

Essential oils are drawn out from plants through distillation, most commonly using water or stream. Aroma Oil is basically an essential oil mixed with other natural ingredients and essential oils that makes perfectly scented oil. Aromatherapy is the therapy to practice these essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds. Usually, Aromatherapy is done through the inhalation process or as topical application.  


Benefit of Using Aroma Oil in Daily Life 

Each Aroma Oil has its own specialty. Every Aroma Oil provides a different benefit to use it. There are many common benefits which have been identified. 

Aroma Oil boosts mood as soon as it is spread in the air. The pleasant atmosphere due to Aroma Oil helps you to have better sleep and cure sleeplessness. It also relieves headache when spread into the air and makes your mood fresh. 

Whenever you are stressed due to heavy workload or for any reason, just have the smell of your favorite aroma essential oil and you will definitely be relieved from stress & depression. Hair loss causes heavy stress or depression and aroma essential oil helps you to relieve stress ultimately decreasing hair fall. 

There are many such other benefits that aroma oil provides you in our regular day to day life. 


  • Santal 33 Fragrances

Our flavor of fragrance is the very popular Santal 33 Fragrance. Santal 33 is a sandalwood perfume available in the market since 2011. It came out as the personal perfume of Frank Voelkl. Later, the Le Labo Owners convinced Frank Voelkl to transform the fragrance into a candle and a room spray named Santal 26, in 2006. 

Considering the public demand, Le Labo decided to launch it in the form of a perfume named “Santal 33” in 2011. As soon as the perfume got launched, Santal 33 gained huge popularity. 

Be it any person or any place, you can smell it everywhere like at bars in London or café of Paris or beaches of Los Angeles or any famous place in a town. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Alexa Chung and others played a huge role in making people and their fans adapt the fragrance. 

  • Impact of Fragrance   

Santal 33 fragrances is a very deep, warm fragrance. A perfume that can be perfect for men and for women as well. Just a single spray and it smells so high that from wherever you are passing by it spreads its fragrance and leaves your impact.

Santal 33 is such a high power fragrance that it lasts longer until you take a bath. Fragrance keeps its impact on & on. Whether you start your day in office & end up attending a party you don’t need to get it sprayed again. 

The best part of fragrance is that it is suitable for any type of season. Be it winter cold or refreshing monsoon rain or hot summer, Santal 33 fragrance will always be suitable for any season. 

Santal 33 fragrance has its own unique & classy impact that anyone who uses it shall have its classy impact. Santal 33 is a very well known lovely perfume that makes a person’s atmosphere refreshing. 


  • Our Fragrance Special Ingredients

Our Santal essential oil comprises Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Black Cardamom, leather accord, violet, iris, ambrox, papyrus and many such other ingredients that adds luxury to the fragrance. 

Sandalwood adds a lovely feel to the atmosphere through its mesmerizing smell. Black Cardamom adds a spicy taste into the atmosphere. Violet adds the softness and romance into the air with its presence in the fragrance. 

Iris gives us a refreshing smell just like the smell of earth after a rainstorm. A blend of earthy, spicy, a little dry or woody is what gives papyrus its effect in fragrance. To make it a complex feel, leather accord is added to soft, light and sweeter fragrances. 

Each & every ingredient in Santal oil has its own special effect that all together makes perfume special. 



The fragrance is taken to be termed as ‘Santal 33’. Santal 33 fragrance has its deep effect when used during night time. Our fragrance has many ingredients which have been found and added after making research. Santal fragrance spreads its warmth as soon as it is added into the air. Get the fragrance scented & experience the richness of warmth that Santal oil has within it.    

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