Winter Time Diffuser Blends

Winter Time Diffuser Blends

It’s the time of winter guys and Brrr I am feeling really cold. That’s the thing to wonder how it will go till the end of the season. You are wondering too, right?

Well, we can’t control the level of cold that winter will bring for us but we can control the level of cold that will affect us. 

We use jackets, coats, scarves, Gloves, Born Fire, Socks, Hood, and whatnot to protect ourselves from winter. Why shouldn’t you try essential oils this time? My personal experience says that they are the best to feel warmth in winter without wearing any stuff. 


Winter is the season of calm weather, cold breeze and connecting with loved ones and enjoying the warmth. Comforting, Refreshing and fragrance scents essential oils are the finest to blend up and diffuse for Icy-cold wintry days and nights. 

  • Celebrate Snowfall

Acknowledge snowfall this winter by diffusing this celebrating blend.

3 drops of Santal

3 drops of Eucalyptus 

2 drops of Cypress


  • Frost Winter Eve

Cherish this frost winter eve with a touch of cardamom, ginger and peppermint scent.

3 drops of Cardamom

2 drops of Ginger 

1 drop of Peppermint 

  • Christmas Feels

Wishing you all Merry Christmas with this soft, sweet, fresh and comforting blend of holiday pine, frankincense and vanilla. 

4 drops of Holiday Pine 

3 drops of Frankincense

3 drops of Vanilla

  • Endure Warmth

Endure the warmth that clove, cardamom and black pepper Essential Oils bring for you during these cold winter days. 

3 drops of Clove 

3 drops of Cardamom

2 drops of Black Pepper 

  • Happy New Year

Welcome the New Year on the 31st night by celebrating with your beloved family and friends by diffusion of refreshing and joyous lavender, clary sage and sweet orange.  

4 drops of Lavender 

4 drops of Clary Sage 

3 drops of Sweet Orange 

  • Cozy Nights

Cinnamon & Ginger brings warmth & relaxation to the body giving you a comfortable sleep on chill winter nights.

3 drops of Cinnamon

2 drops of Ginger 

  • Born Fire Blend

What could be more warmful than born fire infused with the aroma of eucalyptus and patchouli with hints of lemon on these crisp wintry days? 

3 drops of Eucalyptus

2 drops of Patchouli 

1 drop of Lemon

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  • Winter Wonder

Adore this wonderful winter with a diffusion of refreshing and deep floral scent Essential Oil Blends

4 drops of Wintergreen

2 drops of Rose

  • Sweety Candy Cane

This next blend of frankincense, sweet orange and lavender would remind you of sweet candy cane which is a symbol of sweetness. 

2 drops of Frankincense 

2 drops of Sweet Orange 

1 drop of Lavender

  • Melting Frozen

Melt up the freezing weather atmosphere with help of clove, cedarwood and ginger essential oils.

4 drops of Clove 

3 drops of Cedarwood 

2 drops of Ginger 



Did you like these wintry blends? I am sure you will love it once you give it up a try. Which essential oil blends do you use for winter? I would love to know if you have something interesting to share.   

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