About Us

Who we are:

We are a line-up into aroma essential oil manufacturing and distributions having a distinct sense of smell that encapsulates the uniqueness of scent. We have taken our colossal knowledge of identifying the natural plant-based fragrance ingredients and their aroma to develop an in-depth concept of fragrance aesthetics to enhance your redolent experience.

We believe:

We believe to leave you with the best of eau de parfum experience with our rich scents that are natural at heart yet have distinct modern artistry. The family at NueScent pours in the liquid emotion that is soaked with the real essence of aromatherapy that disperses the essential oils evoking the moods with the eccentric compositions.

Why Scent:

Delve in your world with a rich aroma of natural scent one drop at a time and create the desired ambience. In its purest sense diffusion is leisurely letting the molecules of the essential oils to intermingle with the air surrounding yourself. Essential oils are low effort entrée to your self-care, wellness and tranquillity to trap in your Zen. We at NueScent are qualified in harmonising different essence in diffusers and create a signature blend.

Our Promise:

At NueScent we are all about foraying your experience spa-like by bringing our fragrance to your desk at home or workplace. The cornerstone at NueScent is diversity of scents and inclusivity of blends to celebrate individuality and empower our consumers. Our team is trained to offer exemplary fragrance aesthetics and are capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with compositions.