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    Santal and White Tea & Thyme Aroma Oil for Scent Diffusers - 10 milliliter

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    Santal and White Tea & Thyme Aroma Oil for Scent Diffusers

    • Santal & White Tea & Thyme: Create sweet-smelling goods by mixing our perfume oil with your cold-air and ultrasonic fragrance machines. Our aroma oils provide a delectable scent that will leave your home smelling fresh and wonderful.
    • DIRECTIONS: Place the White Tea & Thyme fragrance oil where you like it. Depending on the volume you want to attain, add a few drops to a cold-air and ultra-sonic perfume unit. You don't need to apply any carriers to our aromatherapy diffuser oils because they're ready to use.
    • VEGAN CERTIFIED & NON-GMO: Parabens, gluten, phthalates, pesticides, preservatives, and fake paints are all absent from our fragrance oil. To ensure that you get a natural, herbal aromatherapy mix, no harsh chemicals were used.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We respect our customers and are dedicated to delivering high-quality goods with flawless performance. If you are dissatisfied, please email us and we will address your concerns.